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Narlyia Sterling


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     Growing up in the DC Metropolitan Area of Cedar Heights, MD, Narlyia Sterling indulged herself in the art of play, culture and community while growing up in her Southern Grandmother's backyard. Starting in the Church, she gained discipline and the love for creativity through liturgical dance, singing and stepping. Narlyia was bitten by Acting after several years of writing short stories, plays and scenes, starring in them during family functions.

     Narlyia grew into a Self -Producing Actress while studying Theatre a Magnet Program: The Center for Visual and Performing Arts at Suitland High School in Prince George's County. Narlyia and her local peers created a Troupe that wrote and performed Community-inspired plays at numerous School Events and Community Centers throughout the County. With this insatiable bug in performance and creating, she went on studying under Steve Kent while attending The University of La Verne, in California. It was while working closely with Steve Kent and Daniel Hubbard to create and Urban Theatre course that she discovered the relevance and presence she brings as an African American Female Creator.


     Narlyia transferred to the prestigious Howard University where she successfully earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Acting. Narlyia truly evolved after receiving great mentoring and training while learning the art of Business Show from legends like Albert Freeman Jr, Kim Bey, Eric Ruffin, Reggie Ray, and Henriette Edmonds. It was while Interning at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival that Narlyia was introduced to the Business and Production world of Cinema. Eager to continue storytelling,  she collaborated with other film making Alumni, Writing, Producing and Directing her first film, Pro. and first Pilot Series, Curious?. Currently, Narlyia is in Pre-production for her first written Feature Film, Trimester.

     Producing new content online and hosting over 200K views on her NarlyStarr.TV Youtube Channel, Narlyia is not afraid to jump in front or behind the lens! She has been spotted Casting, Set Decorating, Booming Sound and even applying Special FX Make-up. In 2009, she partnered with the Franchise and summer hit movie Legends of Oz : Dorothy's Return which is now available on DVD and Blue-Ray Worldwide!! Currently, NarlyStarr Productions further promotes female artistry, delivering several web series and short films either Written, Directed or Produced by Women of Color. In 2018, NarlyStarr Productions joined forces with ShayTime Features inevitably birthing The Hudson Sterling Firm, dedicated to helping independent filmmakers of Color and Women get their content packaged, financed, produced, and sold! Content is now available on multiple platforms WorldWide!


     Narlyia Sterling  has been honored to work with an assortment of creative families:

* Women in Film * BET International * MTV*  Issa Rae Productions * Jungle Wild Productions * Footage Films * Black & Sexy TV *  American Film Market* Harbor View Film Works  * AfroVision Productions * The Smithsonian Associates Discovery Theater * National Education Association * Black Women for Positive Change * Vintage City Entertainment * The Capital Fringe Festival * U Care Foundation * Dream Color Creative, Inc * Amazing Grace Conservatory * The Black and Latino Film Coalition * The Creative Mind Group * University of La Verne* Howard University


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